The Responsibility of Club Secretaries Regarding Communication

Club Notice

In your envelope at the Rules Revision Meeting you will have found entry forms for the season 2019/2020.
The contact details of both the club secretary and mini secretary, if you have one, to be added to this form.  However, if you wish to appoint a club fixtures secretary, you are asked to attach a separate sheet with the name and contact details of this person.  All contact regarding fixtures will be to either the club secretary, mini secretary or club fixtures secretary, but not to all.

In the BYFL all contact (including arrangements of fixtures) both to the league and from club to club, must be via the respective officer.  It does seem that in some clubs the managers are taking it upon themselves to contact the league and opposition club secretaries.  This is both annoying, confusing and against rule 5E.

Please discuss these matters fully at your next club meeting (meanwhile please email your managers asking them to stop contacting club secretaries as I am receiving complaints).  Secretaries must control their clubs, something to consider seriously when appointing a club secretary. FA/BYFL rules are in our handbook and BYFL officers are always willing to help and advise secretaries. 

Jenny Linford

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